Supre Tanning Lotion

Supre Tanning Lotion

Supre Tanning Lotion

Best Tanning Lotions from Supre Tan, They Brought You the Snooki Tanning Lotions Product Line!

We all know that Supre is the manufacturer for the trendy indoor tanning lotions of Jersey Shores sensational Nicole Polizzi …or better known to many of us as Snooki. What a fabulous line of some of the best indoor tanning lotions they have recently created together. But did you know that Supre also has many other product lines to offer to you in addition to the Snooki line? Talk about attitude and style all rolled into into one manufacturer! Supre has been creating indoor suntanning products for over 25 years and seems to realize how each of us are unique individuals and we are looking for a unique product! We want to feel pampered and catered to and need to find that best indoor tanning lotion product that brings out the best in us! Sometimes we have that certain guy to do that…. but more times than not we need to depend on ourselves….and our skin products! Each collection of Supre products have their own unique, dazzling ,and sexy flair to them…..all suntanning products are not created equal….and with the Supre collections you will find the most extraordinary indoor tanning lotions in the market! Talk about uniqueness! Talk about yummy fragrances! Talk about ingredients that are soft, smooth, and healthy for your skin! Talk about the sexy packaging! And talk about that sexy bronze tan you will get! Yes lets talk about Supre!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supre Luxury Luxx Collection

Supre has the Luxury Collection (many refer to as the Luxx) This fabulous collection is made up of Bronzers and Maximizers.And it is true to its name…it is luxury to use this. And it even has luxury styled names for its unique products…diamond, black,gold and emerald!

Supre Opulence Collection

Supre also has the sophisticated collection of Opulence…created for those of you who wants their indoor tanning lotions filled with vitamins and minerals that pay close attention to skin care….you are most concerned about moisturizing and hydrating….you are passionate about protecting your skin from any uv rays always…Butterfly Kisses and Kimona Silk are definitely worth checking out……

Supre didnt forget about you au naturales either….love the earth… love the vegan….love being you! Pun of a Kind is a unique collection just for you…..and all products are Paraben free…. You’ll love the unique and cute bottles of Plums the Word, Hemplessly in Love,Honey Dew Me,Son of a Peach, and It Takes Two to Tango!

Supre Sweet and Sexy Collection

And for those of you who are just sweet,cute,and flirtatious…Supre is presenting you with the little pink and black bottles of theirs Sweeet & Sexy Collection. And that says it all! You know who you are that will be using this one!

And Supre goes on and on with their fabulous indoor suntanning products…..the lists seem endless…..new ones are always being created…..there is the Domination collection,the Icon Collection, the Darling Collection,the Delicious Collection, the Sassy Collection,the Supre Classics Collection,the My Bronze Collection, the Affection Collection,the Black Collection,the Indulgence collection, and the ever so trendy can’t say enough about it..the Hempz Collections…just to name a few:)))

Supre Tan Snooki Indoor Tanning Lotion Collection

And we can never forget the Snooki Collection!Sensational and Dazzling!So Jersey Shore!So Snooki!!!!

There’s another one of Supre’s large collection of best indoor tanning lotions that deserves to also be mentioned since it was brought back by popular demand. And who knows better that you? Supre’s Impact Collection is now back and better than ever! And because Supre wants to be a player and a partner with you in your indoor suntanning experience, for each bottle of Impact that Supre sells,Supre Tan will donate .50 to the ITA to help you fight the very unpopular tanning tax. Thank you Supre!!

There you have it…the best of the best…..indoor tanning lotions made just for you …there’s one waiting for you to try now…..so look in the mirror and decide who you are today…are you that flirtatious one with that sassy attitude or are you that cool and calm one today who’s totally confident…well whoever you are there’s a best Supre indoor tanning lotion product out there just waiting for you…so go pick out the Supre tanning lotion right for you!!! Whichever one you pick you will have that golden bronzed tan that everyone wants! And who deserves that more than you??