Snookie Tanning Lotion

Snookie Tanning Lotion

Supre Snooki … She is Supre And So Are Her Best Tanning Lotions!

Snookie Tanning Lotion

WOW….one of the best is Snooki Tanning Lotion, nice job Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi otherwise know as the Jersey Shore reality star just in case you didn’t know it…..But who doesn’t know this???? Snooki , you have done it again….! Seaside Heights you’re on the map once again ! Fashion items, fragrances, sunglasses,supre tan,supre tanning lotion,where will it stop???

I don’t believe it stopped…..actually I think it has just begun!!!!! And it all started with the Jersey Shore Reality Show and her best indoor tanning lotions are icing on the cake.

Snooki has partnered up with Supre Tan CEO Bruce West to create the premium best, best, best indoor tanning lotions to create Snooki Indoor Tanning Lotions. Bruce is an industry guru in the indoor tanning lotion market and Nicole is …well….nicole is Snooki!!!!!!!

Talk about a game changer in the world of indoor tanning lotions. Snooki tanning lotion is being marketed and promoted to appeal to you…the fans of Jersey Shore, the fans of Snooki, and all the hot, supre tan, bronze girls (and guys ) of summer.Supre Tanning Lotion will be really trendy this summer!

Snooki has created 3 of the best unique indoor tanning lotions around. Snooki Indoor Tanning Lotion is about the Snooki attitude and the Snooki style.They are all about sex appeal!!!They are all about the Guido / Guidette thing…..(had to include the Guido/ Guidette thing….Jersey Shore fans…you know what I mean)

And the 3 hottest and sexy Snooki tanning lotion products to get you that supre tan……………….

There’s definitely 1 Snooki Tanning Lotion for you…possibly 2 or 3 and they all provide that supre tan.

So if you are that girl who already has that indoor tanning membership…….and this is now just as popular as your gym membership….you are probably just like me and trying new suntanning lotions almost every week……..once you try any one of the Supre indoor tanning lotion you will look no more……now you can start looking for that perfect bikini you are needing to show off that bronze sexy tan……..and with the extra money you are saving by finally having that Snooki Tanning Lotion that you just love love love…… you can indulge at the ice cream parlor that is almost always located right next to your gym or tanning salon. Sometimes life is so not fair!!!!!!!

Did Snooki still tan while pregnant, we all know that this is a no no so the bets are that she won’t! She Didn’t!