Millennium Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Lotion

Millennium…definition is a thousand years or long lasting and these may be the Best Tanning Lotions for that Long!

Millennium…definition is a thousand years…..perfect because the best millennium indoor tanning lotions are the all time craze of this century…make that this millennium….:) and it will take probably another thousand years before we get another indoor suntanning product comparable….So be it Millennium.You are here to stay for me….:) And you have eight really dark and sexy indoor tanning products for me to choose from. You should only know how much i hate to make decisions:)But you Millennium …you are worth it…you are worth the stress of decision making……you are worth me getting the best of the indoor tanning lotions that are right for me …..oh you are so worth it…..and hey I’m worth it too…nothing but the best for me….and Millennium you are the best…..but so am i……:)))

Black and Blacker

Millennium Tanning Lotion Products

Millennium Black is Back Indoor Tanning Lotion

Black is Back Tanning……These are the best indoor tanning lotions for you if you are that intense serious tanning baby who takes her tanning ever so serious and takes it to a new level…so many of your friends just don’t understand your intensity and your compassion for this indoor suntanning thing you are driven to each day…..hey its only 20 minutes out of your hectic day……you find time for it always..its important to you…but a few friends just don’t get it…. But Black is Back Indoor Tanning Lotion is the best indoor suntanning lotion for you. It contains super intense bronzers that are blended with the exotic and extreme blackening ingredients to get you that darkest of darkest tan..:) And it contains so many vitamins and minerals as well as all the antioxidants that keep your skin young and wrinkle-free…I love the flowery spring fragrance…makes me want to leave the tanning salon and go home and plant flowers..well almost…but the fragrance is very light and flowery…. Its the right tanning lotion for you…and I do admit …its the right tanning lotion for me too…:)

Millennium Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Lotion

Black & Tan…or the go from tan to black suntanning product…. Black & Tan contains energizing beads that help produce that luxurious dark and bronzy tan while keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Your skin will feel firm and vibrant…you’ll feel good …you’ll look good…….you’ll look tan…..you’ll be ready to party later tonight and have a glass of that other black & tan…..or maybe a glass of Cabernet..:)

Millennium Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Solid Black Tanning Lotion is in a class by itself…its considered the luxury indoor tanning lotion and is made for those of you who want to feel pampered while laying in that salon tanning bed……..your skin will feel moisturized and hydrated and you will get that dark dark tan almost immediately after using this Solid Black Tanning Lotion…so what are you waiting for? Another perk from the Solid Indoor Tanning Lotion is that its fragrance is that of orchids…so if you like orchids you will love Solid Black Tanning Lotion…..and if you don’t like that orchid fragrance……well I’m sure you will learn to love it..:))

Millennium Insanely Black Tanning Lotion

Ultra dark tan bronzing results made possible by Millennium in its Insanely Black Tanning Lotion…trust me you will go insane:) Insanely Black Tanning Lotion smells of blackberry citrus……ummmm……you start to think of breakfast…..but no ..not yet…you have a club night ahead of you as soon as your tanning session is finished…You need to go home and put on that little black dress to show off that insanely black tan…and tomorrow morning you can enjoy that orange juice and breakfast..but for tonight its ..well its absolutely insane!!!!

Millennium Black Storm Tanning Lotion

Black Storm Indoor Tanning Lotion has been formulated with 60x auto-darkening tan technology extreme silicon bronzer…what does this mean to you? It gives you that extreme and high efficiency bronzing while also supplying and nurturing you with 10 times the antioxidants that other tanning lotions have. Its a win-win for you…and that fruity honey suckle fragrance is unbelievable……If you are not already on vacation…..well you should be……see that travel agent friend of yours as soon as you can…..I see a vacation in the making my friend..:)))