Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion

From Ed Hardy the Tattooist – He Knows Skin and Tanning and Offers the Best Tanning Lotions Available!

Every once in a while or maybe once in a lifetime a product is developed that really puts on the razzle dazzle …a real wow…and that is just what the famous tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy has done with the help of the French designer Christian Audigier. They introduced the line of best Ed Hardy indoor tanning lotions and products and they are the razzle dazzle of the indoor tanning lotion world.

Ed Hardy Indoor Tanning Lotions and Skin Care knows what’s important to you and your skin. They know what you need to keep your skin at its best. Ed Hardy knows about moisturizing and hydrating the skin while you tan indoors. They know some of you want darker than dark, some of you want the tingle, and some of you want that sexier than sexy tan. And they even address what most other indoor tanning lotion products do not. They use a unique tattoo fade protection complex for those of us who took pains in getting our tattoos and do not want them to fade while we tan. And with many products they do fade. But not with the best Ed Hardy Indoor Tanning lotions.

Ed Hardy Indoor Tanning Lotions include two very unique collection of indoor tanning lotions as well as an entire collection of after care products. Each product has its own unique formula that is geared for what you are wanting from your tanning lotions. Each has its own pzazz and its own dazzling flair and style. Heck even the bottles are unique and show the expressions and styling of tattoo artist Ed Hardy. The bottles are pure fun in their color and tattooed artistry but the products are most definitely for those of us who are the serious indoor tanning buffs!

Take a look at the Collections so you can see what all the latest buzz is about!

So there you have it, the best and most effective tanning lotions on the market right now. Pick out the one just right for you and check out the tattoo art that is on each bottle. Each one is just so unique and so artsy. I’m sure there is one there that is just perfect for you! (and for me!)