DJ Pauly D Tanning Lotion

DJ Pauly D Tanning Lotion

D J Pauly D Tanning Lotion

DJ Pauly D Tanning Lotion Are Still Happening and Popular!

Well well well Pauly D…..you are not letting the girls of “Jersey Shore “be the only indoor tanning lotions sensations known around the globe are you? You jumped into this market and became a player now didn’t you? Pauly D has partnered up with Louis Henry of Devoted Creations to launch the best high-end indoor tanning lotions that are currently available. They also have some sunless products for those of you who love love love that deep bronze sexy tan but just do not do sun and cannot find the time out of your busy days to do indoor tanning. Pauly D has something for everybody!!!!

So whether you are west coast Malibu or the east coast Jersey Shore look no more. Discover Pauly D’s sensational new indoor suntanning lotions. Pauly D suntanning products contain vitamins and minerals that pamper your skin. They are filled with antioxidants that hydrate and moisture your skin as it accelerates the rate of tanning. It is fair to say that Pauly D has some of the best indoor suntanning lotions and products and has taken the salon tanning market to another level. Won’t you join us there?

The Pauly D Tanning Products to look for are summarized below. Try one to get your Jersey Shore tan. Or try one to look like your Jersey Shore Star. Or try one because they are the new hot trend of Pauly D (you love everything else about him don’t you? ) Or just try one because they are the best indoor tanning lotions out there!!!!!!

Devoted-Creations Pauly D Bronze Beats Tanning Lotion ….for serious tanners with a delicious coconut fragrance you’ll feel like a ”jersey shore ‘ star too…..

Devoted-CreationsPauly D The After Party Tanning Lotion…..serious tanners who lean towards an iced berry fragrance….simply delicious and sexy…..let the party continue after the tanning has stopped…

Devoted-Creations Pauly D Instant Bronzing Tanning Spray…..designed for those who don’t tan but want to pretend they do.

Devoted-Creations Pauly D Lip Buddy Lip Balm SPF15 Sunscreen Protection…….a must for everyone whether you tan or now..

Regardless of which tanning lotion you choose….and its all about preference…..do not make the mistake of overlooking your lips. Always protect them with a SPF15 sunscreen protection and the Pauly D Lip Buddy Lip Balm I tried is absolutely perfect. It is designed for tanners and non-tanners alike with SPF 15 to protect the lips during tanning and also from your everyday stuff. Did you ever notice how rough the wind was also on your lips? A pretty close second to the sun I would think. It is formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe to continuously hydrate and nourish the lips. You protect your skin….don’t neglect your lips. And the best part is that Pauly D Buddy Lip Balm SPF 15 Sunscreen Protection is a delicious coconut flavor and smell!! And how I love Coconut!!! And another best part is Pauly D uses this delicious lip balm on his lips and have you gotten a good look of his lips lately?? Well of course you have…..!!!!! Need I say more?????