Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold Tanning Lotion


Australian Gold has been providing indoor tanning lotions for salon bed tanning since 1985 and is located in the state of Indiana. The company is one of the largest suppliers of lotions and has been for more than twenty years so they really know what they are doing. Your skin is too precious to be left to amateurs. They are the maker of the famous JWOWW brand of Bronzers but their other popular products are just as good. Their mascot is an Australian Koala Bear which really is a fun animal and accents their brand effectively.

Australian Gold is a world leader in the supply of indoor tanning bed lotions. It is a member of New Sunshine LLC, and Australian Gold’s tanning lotion products are available in most of the large department stores, and their indoor tanning products are used in fine tanning salons all over the world.

Australian Gold is all about tanning and skin care protection. They are an experienced company which has embraced celebrity marketing to promote their excellent products and the longevity of tanning products like JWOWW tanning lotion, which has outlasted the reality show Jersey Shore that featured her, is a tribute to the effectiveness of their tanning products. If you practice indoor tanning and spend time in tanning salons you are definitely familiar with Australian Gold tanning lotions and their effectiveness. We feature most of their lotions right here so take a look. You won’t be disappointed!