What is Indoor Tanning Lotion

What is Indoor Tanning Lotion

What is Indoor Tanning Lotion

Wonder what indoor tanning lotion is? Curious about how indoor tanning beds worked? What kind of ingredients go into those formulas to give us that deep bronze tan…you know the tans of Jwoww, Snooki, and DJ Pauly D himself. Can we use the same indoor tanning products if we decide to go the Jersey Shore…..you know the actual Jersey Shore…the beaches, the sun, the boardwalks…the amusement areas and the salt water taffy!

The best indoor tanning lotions actually accelerate the tanning process and you are able to get your luxury tan very quickly…..some of us just don’t have the time or patience waiting …..and it a little easier and a lot more convenient to go to your favorite indoor tanning salon after work than go to the beach …who can do that every day after work, not to mention that the sun would be pretty much finished by the time you got there. Just doesn’t work for us who need results now! We might need a tan for the prom, for a big party, or for the wedding…or we may just need a tan to look sexy on a big date! And a tan even makes going to work in those classy business suits a little bit sexier…yes you need a tan when you need a tan…..and you can’t get it the old fashion way. You need your tanning salon these day……just as much as you need your gym!!! But how does it all work so fast?

Well indoor tanning lotions are a little similar to the tanning oils we may have used years ago…i remember rubbing baby oil all over my skin to tan fast…although it wasn’t controlled as your tanning beds are so we all burned……. Well the indoor tanning industry has gotten it right and after years of research have gotten all the formulas and times down to a science that they have perfected. And what a tan you’ll have after just a few sessions! Indoor tanning lotions actually promote melanin production which increases the blood flow to the skin thus accelerating the tanning process. It actually increases that melanin that is brought to the top layer of our skin. Nothing at all like a sunscreen or sunblock which prohibits us from getting a tan. Indoor tanning lotions are specially formulated to use with the ultraviolet rays that you get in your tanning bed.

Most indoor tanning lotions contain both bronzers and moisturizers. The bronzers are formulated to provide you that rich deep dark color…one that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own in such a short time. They usually develop your tanning color in about 6 hours. Depending on the color you wish to achieve you can either go with a natural or cosmetic type. Cosmetic bronzers are DHA(dihydroxyacetone) based which is the active browning ingredient. If you are lucky enough to have a base tan already you may use a natural bronzer which uses natural ingredients such as riboflavin and caramel. These natural ingredients will give you a slight boost of color will won’t last as long.

Now while you are experiencing all the joys of your quick and easy tan…..otherwise know as indoor tanning…you need to be very very careful about moisturizing your skin. Whether you tan indoors or out, your skin is prone to dehydration so you must be vigilant in hydrating and moisturizing. This way is stays healthy and smooth …a routine you have most likely been doing in the evening before going to bed also. I think we have been told about moisturizers since we were in high school…..but now its really important.Emollients are the ingredients that help moisturize the skin also. Hemp seed oil if the main ingredient in indoor tanning lotion although there are also other ingredients that are formulated in them also to help your skin stay young and healthy. The hemp oil is essential in hydrating our skin after UV exposure. Hemp oil is an all natural THC and drug free derivative. Canola oil is also used in moisturizing and reduces any irritations and can minimize stretch marks. Jojoba oil is also another moisturizer that indoor tanning lotions use as well as cocoa butter. These all hydrate and nourish the skin while you are getting your Jersey Shore looking tan.

Many indoor tanning lotions also contain copper,tea oil as well as green tea extract. Melanin and L-Tyrosine are also found in these tanning lotions which all help in the tanning process and will not cause any damage to you on a tanning bed since tanning beds use 100% acrylic in their protective shields in the tanning bed.This is one of the reasons we can’t use outside tanning lotions in a tanning bed…the ingredients such as mineral oil will damage the acrylic surfaces. Also many lotions give you a tingling sensation and this is very common. Its due to the ingredients that increase the blood flow …thus giving this sensation. You may get a little flush at first and depending on your pigment you will start to develop that dark tan. These ingredients works with other ingredients, especially your vitamins and minerals in this process and benefits from the actions of emollients to penetrate deep into the epidermis. This ingredient works with other ingredients, such as vitamin B, in this process and benefits from the actions of emollients to penetrate deep into the epidermis. The tanning lotion is working!!

Aloe Vera is also one of the main ingredients in indoor tanning lotions. Its very smoothing and healthy to the skin and helps heal any damage that may have been done to the skin over the years. Most indoor tanning lotions are also filled with anti-oxidants that help in destroying the free radicals that cause aging. Vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene are among the anti-oxidants that have proven beneficial. Grape seed oil is also an anti-oxidant that keep your skin young and increases the elasticity in it. COQ10 is another strong anti-oxidant that help reduce wrinkles and aging.

And believe it or not caffeine also aids in your indoor tanning experience.Caffeine stimulates the circulation and promotes tanning. And you thought it was just for that morning jolt!

And there are numerous other ingredients…each adding its own function to your
indoor tan…
Biosaccharide Gum-1…supplies prolonged hydration….
Carbomer… emulsion stabilizer.
Cetyl Alcohol….is used as an emulsifying agent and stabilizer in cosmetics.
Citric Acid…has astringent and antioxidants. It is also used as a pH regulator.
Diazolidinyl Urea…. A broad acting preservative.
DNA Gel….give nutrients for deep skin conditioning to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps in anti-aging.
Erythrulose… used to eliminate the irregular and streaky tans
Eucalyptus Oil….a necessary oil that is an antiseptic
Fragrance…everyone likes a unique fragrance depending on the indoor tanning lotion they choose.Tanning lotions usually have a beachy fruity fragrance of either mango,coconut , or pineapple.
Ginger….a stimulant and skin-conditioning agent.
Ginseng.. believed to be nourishing due to its vitamin and hormone content.
Glycerine…Helps the skin retain moisture.
Lanolin used for dry skin.
Macadamia Nut Oil…an anti-oxidant that protects against skin damage.
Mango …provides hydration.
Matrixyl….keeps the skin firm and supple.
Polysorbate 80…An emulsifier and stabilizer of essential oils in water.
Propylene GIycol : Moisturizes and binds moisture to the skin.
Propylparaben : A preservative.
Psoralea : An effective astringent and antibacterial agent.
Rosemary Oil…very beneficial for certain skin conditions
Sandalwood Extract has many antiseptic benefits.
Shea Butter…helps protect the skin. It is especially good for dry and sensitive skin.
And the list can also contain some additional ingredients…some other vitamins and minerals that may be unique to the manufacturer.

Well now you have a little history of whats actually in that indoor tanning lotion you use…So get yourself your favorite indoor tanning lotion and head to your favorite tanning salon. You’ll look like you just came back from that tropical island vacation…or maybe the jersey shore vacation! The results…priceless!