Treat Sunburn

Treat Sunburn

Treat Sunburn

A day at the beach. I got Sunburn! Now I need to Get Rid of Sunburn!

Well now you really did it! You went to the beach and and forgot all about that summer check list. You thought you remembered everything……you bought the towels, the snacks, the drinks, the sunglasses. You even remembered that wide brimmed hat! But you forgot the sunblock and the sunscreen, and had no sun protection. All those summer safety tips about suntanning and protecting your skin from the UV (ultraviolet radiation) forgotten. Well not forgotten, just left at home. But maybe you won’t get a sunburn. You don’t feel like you are getting a sunburn. Oh well you’ll just enjoy the day at the beach and hope for the best. Its not even that sunny. Its a little hazy and the sun keeps hiding behind the clouds. Maybe you’ll be okay today and get that beautiful golden bronze tan. You don’t think that you’ll get a bad or severe sunburn. Probably not a sunburn at all.!

Fast Forward……Home after the Day at the Beach
Sunburn and Sun Poisoning Symptoms

You get home after that long day at the beach. You unpack the car and get as much of the sand out of your car and shoes as you can. You’re feeling a little tired from the sun and take a shower to freshen up. You’re nice and cozy and watching a little TV before going to bed when all of a sudden you are feeling a little chilled. Ouch…..now you are feeling sunburn pain. You look in the mirror and you are as red as a lobster. You not only have a bad sunburn but you have very severe sunburn skin and also sunburn lips. You remember when you were younger you once got such a severe sunburn it was actually sun poisoning. You hope its not sun poisoning now again. Sunburn will be bad enough. But better keep a watch out for sun poisoning symptoms too. Sun poisoning symptoms include skin redness and sunburn blisters,headache, swelling,fever chills,nausea, dizziness and dehydration. You may also experience a sunburn rash and some sunburn swelling also. The sunburn itch and the sunburn peeling will come later.

Sunburn can cause long lasting health damage

You should also be aware that although the symptoms and signs of a bad sunburn and sun poisoning are temporary and due heal in time, the effects of that severe sunburn can be long lasting. Sunburn can cause skin problems resulting in skin damage and also melanoma which is the deadliest skin cancer possible. And studies have shown that even just one sun burn in ones lifetime raises that risk significantly.

So you go to bed but of course you are so uncomfortable from the bad sunburn that you are having trouble sleeping. Your skin is hot and tender and very painful when touched. Yes this is a classic severe sunburn and you know from past experience that even days from now your skin may also blister and peel. Sunburn swelling is also common. Lets just hope you didn’t also get sunburn eyes which you don’t hear about too much but can happen. But you have no doubt at all that you will have those sunburn blisters. So now you need to put a plan in action and find some sunburn treatments and sunburn remedies to speed up the healing process. You need pain relief. You also remember once reading about some health information explaining home remedies for sunburn . And being you are pretty much into natural and holistic medicine and remedies you are pretty interested in finding some sunburn pain relief for home remedies for sunburn. Lets see what we information we can find for you on how to treat sunburn.

Sunburn Treatment and Sunburn Relief
Sunburn Remedies

Keep the sunburned area as cool as possible. Apply cold compresses to the sun burn. Also a cool bath will help. After a cool bath applying aloe or another moisturizing cream to the sunburn will help with the sunburn pain . Avoid all products that contain the ingredients alcohol because alcohol will further dry out the skin and prevent the healing. Also be cautious of products that contain anesthetics such as Benzocaine. Studies haven’t proven them to be really effective and never use on babies or children with a sunburn under the age of two. Also when treating sunburn leave any blisters that may have formed alone. Do not break open a sunburn blister because you will risk your chance of infection and will also delay the healing of the sun burn. If necessary you can cover the sunburn area and the sun blisters with a light gauge . Treating sunburn may often require using some over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines also such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Never give children or teens aspirin since it can cause Reyes Syndrome which is a rare but sometimes fatal disease. And drink lots of water after getting a bad or severe sunburn. Water helps you regain the lost fluids in your body and will also help in your sunburn relief and your recovery from the sunburn. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because they can also cause you some further dehydration.

Sunburn Treatment using Home Sunburn Remedies

For those of you who prefer those old home sunburn remedies, for your sunburn treatment, here are a few that have proven to be quite effective. Apply aloe vera on the affected area. Vinegar is another household ingredient that is often used in many home remedies. So besides using vinegar in your coleslaw you may also apply vinegar your sunburn. The vinegar for will help stop the inflammation and help with the pain. You can also bathe in cool bathwater after adding 2-3 cups of vinegar to the water.

Another natural home remedy for sunburn is to rub mustard oil on the sun burn and allow it to dry. This takes the heat from the skin. You can also rub fresh cucumbers on the sun burn to also help. Another natural treatment for sunburn that has been used for many years is taking a bath and adding baking powder to the bath water. Epsom salts and cold compresses will also help. For another sunburn relief you can prepare a lotion made up of vinegar and olive oil and rub also on the sunburn area before taking a cool bath. This will also help with that ever so annoying sunburn itch that accompanies a bad sunburn. And one of the best old fashioned methods in sunburn relief is taking a bath in 2 cups of oatmeal. This seriously helps the pain and itching of the sunburned area. Also my grandmother use to steep a large pot of tea (5-6 bags) and refrigerate the tea until it was cooled down. Then they would soak small towels or washcloths in the cold teal and apply them to the sunburned skin. These are just a few of the home remedies for sunburn and helps in the healing and also helps in the itch relief. And you definitely need the itch relief!