Tanning and Pregnancy

Tanning and Pregnancy

Tanning and Pregnancy

You’re pregnant, feeling good, feeling a little sexy. And its summer. But a bathing suit? Maybe with a tan it’ll look okay. Maybe. Next question. Is it safe to tan when I’m pregnant? Is it healthy for me? What about the baby? Is there any risk with the sun exposure? Tanning and pregnancy, sunbathing and pregnancy, we encourage women not to do it!

Don’t Damage Your Unborn Child or Run the Risks of Cholasma

While a little sun may be okay, exposure to the sun may increase the temperature of a pregnant woman and may elevate the temperature of the fetus. And your resting body temperature is already elevated just being pregnant. While studies are being done to discover if the temperature is raised high enough brain damage can occur. If this wasn’t frightening enough you may also have an increased risk of Cholasma or what is referred to as the mask of pregnancy. These darkened spots usually are seen on the forehead and across the nose. They sometimes disappear after a pregnancy but not always.

Eliminate Birth Defects like Spina Bifada and Folic Acid Vitamin Deficiencies

There is also evidence done linking exposure to sun with Folic Acid deficiencies. In the first trimester folic acid helps protect the baby against many birth defects such as Spina Bifida. Folic Acid is actually broken down by the strong sunlight. So if this is the beginning of your pregnancy you will want to be extremely careful and protect your unborn child. And I know you will. After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy,the end of the first trimester, all the baby’s major organs have been formed and the risks are greatly reduced.

Tanning Lotion Ingredients like DHA can be absorbed by your unborn child!

Tanning and Pregnancy, Sunbathing and Pregnancy, don’t do either! But you still want that golden bronzed tan? Thinking of maybe the self-tanning lotions or other tanning products? Did you know that the active ingredient in tanning lotions is Dihydroxyacetone DHA which is absorbed through the skin and can be crossed through the placenta to the baby. Okay can’t use this either.

Tanning is not safe when your are Pregnant!

Are tanning beds safe? Well what about a tanning salon? While tanning beds in a tanning salon does reduce the risk of overheating since they are controlled , I believe most doctors would agree that skin studies and research are incomplete and they would advise against them. And you still have the same risks of those skin disorders and skin cancer that we mentioned previously, the same as with natural sunlight.

If you do need to be in the sun, avoid the hours between 11 AM and 3 PM when the sun is the strongest. And please always stay cool and hydrated. Water is the next best thing to that frozen daiquiri you really want to have. Next summer!

So whats a sexy pregnant mama to do in the summer? Buy that bathing suit …but forget the tan……sit back in the shade with a good book and watch you’re husband get that tan while he’s mowing the lawn and taking the kids to the pool. Your family will have that bronzed healthy look while you continue to be one of those hot and sexy moms who just stay safe takes care and avoids ultraviolet radiation and the harmful effects of the chemicals in the ingredients of the popular tanning lotions. And do enjoy your maternity and indulge yourself in other ways. Pregnancy only last nine months!!!!!!!

Sunbathing and Pregnancy,
Pregnant Women shouldn’t do either!