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Skin Care RX

Skin Care RX

Want Improved Skin? Follow these tips!

Skin care is essential for anyone that wants to have healthy skin. Sometimes people find it hard to care for their skin. What follows are tips to achieve great skin.

You can actually lose moisture in your skin during the winter months when it is cold. Make sure that you wear lots of layers, and stay warm when the weather outside is chilly. This will prevent moisture loss and also prevent chapped skin. Still experiencing dry weather skin, use a heavy moisturizer right after your shower or bath to lock in the moisture.

Eating Salmon is Great for your Skin

If you are looking for a nutrition option to improve the quality and texture of your skin, then eat salmon. Salmon is a wonderful fish that is rich in fatty acids, which can help restore moisture to your skin. This is a great remedy for dry patches and and also provides additional hydration.

In order to have healthy, clean skin, you must stay hydrated. That means drinking around 8 cups of water every day. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will be oily which will lead to acne. Look better simply by drinking lots of water,Stay hydrated!

Stay Hydrated – Drink lots of Water

Wear sunglasses and your eyes will love you. Sunglasses prevent sunlight from harming the skin under your eyes that your sunscreen can’t reach. Wearing sunglasses stops glare, so you squint less and will get less wrinkles. Channel your inner Paris Hilton by only using sunglasses that meet uv rejection standards.

Sunglasses Protect your Eyes from the Sun and Prevent Wrinkles around the Eyes

To avoid premature wrinkles around your eyes, always wear your sunglasses. Just as sunscreen helps protect your skin from damage, sunglasses protect your eyes. Without them, you will squint in overly sunny weather. Over time, this will lead to permanent damage to the skin around your eyes. So, keep bright sunlight out of your eyes!.

Use the correct product for the your skin! The cosmetic market tailors their items for specific facial areas. For example, the skin beneath your eyes is very thin, your lips are thick, so each requires different care. So just because you purchased a product for your face, you still may not be safe.

Use Sunscreen or Sunblock

Whether your skin tone is light or dark, always use sunscreen on sunny days. Not only does over-exposure to sunlight cause skin cancer, it also ages your skin much faster. If you have an especially light complexion, avoid tanning too much. When you reduce your skin’s exposure to the sun, you will reduce years to your appearance.

Tanning is Bad for your Skin

The bottom line is that indoor tanning and is bad for your skin. When you tan, the artificial light rays can damage your skin and create blemishes . Tanning will also permanently damage your pores, creating visible marks on your face.

Tanning causes skin cancer, liver spots, wrinkles and other damage to the skin. Whether you are tanning outside or indoors, in a tanning bed, your skin will suffer bad effects. If you must have a tan, get the spray-on kind; however, you will look far more attractive and self-confident being bronzed naturally!!

Know your Skin Care Products

A hefty price tag does not always equate to a healthy skin product. The best cleansing agents are simple and natural, so look to the ingredients as a better indicator of quality rather than cost. A transparent glycerin soap will remove dirt, oil and old skin, without a lot of additives that can actually strip or clog skin. Additionally low price will cause you less stress when purchasing, which also makes for good skin care.

If you are using a prescription product to manage your skin care, use it as directed. While you might be able to get away with using more than the recommended amount of an over-the-counter remedy, a prescription is much stronger. Use it as directed, give it time to work, and let your doctor know of any problems.

Sunblock and Sunscreen

Whenever you go outside, remember to use plenty of sunblock. If you fail to do this, your skin could undergo something called photo aging. The sun damages the cells in your skin and will cause your skin to prematurely age, leading to more wrinkles in your skin as you age.

Untanned skin is healthy . Keep it healthy, by joining the growing group of people who know that tans cause skin cancers. Although it used to be a sign of robust good health, we now know that tanning is a direct cause of skin cancers. Consistently wearing high-SPF sunblock, hats, and limiting your time in very sunny situations may be the single most important thing you do to take care of your skin in the long-term.

Sunscreen and Sunblock Tips

Mix sunscreen into your favorite lotion to ensure you stay protected from the sun. If your lotion of choice does not have a sunscreen in it, you can mix a little bit of sunscreen in. This makes it easier, and therefore more likely, that you remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Remember to look for an unscented sunscreen so that it does not clash with your lotion’s scent.

Good skin care does not mean you won’t get age spots on your face, but it can certainly help. Sunscreen is a person’s best defense against those brown patches. Daily sunscreen habits will not necessarily stop those spots from showing, but will hopefully diminish the quantity of them.

Sunscreen is an important tool for great skin. If you are one of the many people who avoid this step in skin care because of the greasy look and feel of sunscreen, using a sponge to apply it might make it a little easier. When you apply sunscreen with a sponge, it absorbs into your skin faster instead of sitting on the surface.

If you do not like applying sunscreen to your face because of its stickiness, then a great tip is to use a sponge to apply the sunscreen. This helps the sunscreen penetrate your skin better. This will prevent your face from feeling sticky when applying sunscreen, and as a result, you will be more likely to actually apply sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen religiously and stay out of sun as much as possible if you are suffering from a breakout. The UV rays of the sun will increase redness and inflammation in your skin. If you are using acne medication, your skin can also become more sensitive to the light of the sun.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer

You should limit the amount of sun exposure you get each day. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time make sure you wear some type of protection. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to a variety of problems like premature wrinkles, sun burn, freckles, and even skin cancer.

The number one thing that you can do for your skin to keep it healthy and to drastically reduce aging is to use sunscreen. People underestimate the damage the sun does to their skin and it shows up later in the form of age spots. Using sunscreen will reduce your chance of getting skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. Your skin will repay you by staying youthful looking much longer.

Use a product around SPF 30 and rub it into your skin when going outside. SPF creams can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. The ultraviolet uva, and uvb rays will damage your skin prematurely causing rapid aging and an increased risk of skin cancer. If you plan on getting wet when you are outside, make sure that you purchase a waterproof SPF product.

By taking proper care of your skin you are keeping your body clean and your appearance improving. There is nothing wrong with getting a little dirty, but you need to be able to clean yourself off at the end of the day and feel confident about yourself as you turn off the lights.

And I am sure that even with all this information about why tanning and sunbathing is harmful, most of you will still take your chances and opt out for that great looking tan!