Indoor Tanning Salon Tips and Tricks

Indoor Tanning Salon Tips and Tricks

Indoor Tanning Salon Tips and Tricks

Did you ever wonder how indoor tanning became so popular? Why would someone pay for a tan when the outdoor sun is free? Is it part of our new culture where if we pay for something its better? If its free it just can’t be as good…can it? Unfortunately that’s the way society seems to be going these days…but i can’t say for certain that is what is going on with indoor tanning. Indoor tanning has evolved during the last few decades and is now just as important to many people as their gym memberships and new cars. Indoor tanning actually began in the northern countries of Europe in the 1970?s. Due to the lack of sun exposure to these countries the Europeans began using sun lamps in order to receive ultraviolet rays since they couldn’t get them from the outdoors. After a few years Americans also started to copy this idea and the first tanning salon was opened. Now we could be that tanned goddess any time of the year and not just in the few months of the summer. Having that dark tanned skin has become a necessity for some, a status symbol for others, and a way of life for many. But keep in mind, tanning is actually the response of your skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays or radiation. Your skin will produce an extra pigment to protect it from the UV rays and this makes your skin appear darker…..viola a suntan!!!

30 Million People practice Indoor Tanning – 5 Billion Dollar Industry

If you ever visited a indoor tanning salon you would see that it is just one of the many cosmetic services that Americans use. According to the American Academy of Dermatology there are over 30 million people who tan indoors, the largest group being the between the ages of 17 and 29.However many states have now restricted indoor tanning for teens and minors. The tanning industry is approximately a $5 billion dollar business. If you go to a tanning salon you will feel pampered in ways that are comparable to your beauty salon days, your massage days, your “take care of me” days!!!Some of you want that beautiful tanned skin year round while others just want that bronzed look for a special occasion. Maybe you’re getting ready for your senior prom or possibly your wedding day is approaching. But whatever your reasons are you should know your facts and make an informed decision for yourself.

Choose the Right Tanning Salon

A tanning session lasts approximately 10 minutes and the costs is typically between $15- $20 per visit. Many salons offer discount packages also. Indoor tanning salons have become so popular over the past few years that its a very competitive market right now. They want your business and are willing to make very attractive offers for you to use their salon.

Choosing the right salon is very important.Your salon should always insist you use protective eye wear each time you are in a tanning bed. It is a necessary to wear the recommended goggles in order to protect your eyes from corneal sunburn. And yes your eyes can actually get sunburned also.And since over exposure to tanning and all uv (ultraviolet) rays whether indoors at a salon or outdoors under the direct sunlight has been known to cause premature aging and skin damage as well as melanoma, the FDA has regulations in place also to protect you from overexposure.Timed sessions, eye protection and temperature controls should all be in place at the salon that you choose to go to.An indoor tanning bed provides a natural SPF (sun protective factor ) of between 2 and 4.Keep in mind your sun protective lotions are typically SPF 30 or higher.Your lips should also be protected with sunscreen.

Avoid Indoor Tanning Overexposure

You also want to avoid overexposure.It takes 24-48 hours before pigmentation is generally seen. It is advised to wait at least 1-2 days between tanning sessions.And once you achieve that beautiful bronze tan you may only need to go indoor tanning a few times a month. It all depends on your skin type. Sorry owners of tanning salons but they can’t come everyday…this isn’t a gym membership!!!!!

Don’t Use Cosmetics while Tanning Indoors

You should also be aware that you shouldn’t be using any fragrances or cosmetics while tanning indoors. They can cause rashes since they have a photosensitizing effect on the skin. You may get that rash or ….even worse you may get an uneven tan…oh no!!!But you should always use the proper indoor tanning lotions. This is necessary to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during your tanning sessions…and will make that tan last longer after you leave the salon. There are plenty of indoor tanning lotions to choose from these days too.Some have been on the market for awhile and others are hot off the presses so to speak. Some will appeal to you because of cost and others will appeal to you because they are the trendier newer suntanning lotions of the day. I know my favorite…..but i did my homework and found the right one for me! Now its time for you to do your homework…choose the right one for you…and believe me homework has never been more fun!!!!!