About Indoor Tanning Lotions

About Indoor Tanning Lotions

About Indoor Tanning Lotions

Salon Tanning and Indoor Tanning Lotions: The Whole Experience

Many tanners like to have a bronzed complexion for a special event. Some just like to have bronzed skin at all times. During the warm summer months that is easily achieved. When winter rolls around though, the lack of UV rays penetrating the skin results in the tan gradually disappearing. Many people think that a tan just ‘fades’ away, but that is not the case. The reason a tan disappears is because our epidermis, which is the outer most layer of the skin, sheds and renews itself quite often. When UV rays hit the skin it is the epidermis that gets darker, therefore when the shedding occurs the tan sheds as well. If the tan is completely gone the whole tanning process has to started again from scratch, meaning that a base tan must be achieved and then each additional tanning session will make the skin a little darker.

Get Advice from Tanning Specialists at your Tanning Salon

In order for those who need and those who love tanned skin to be satisfied during the winter months, they have to start indoor tanning at a tanning salon. Tanning salons offer many different tanning beds and lotions to help customers achieve a tan. The beds come in different levels based on the type and amount of UV rays they are omitting. The beds are also available as lay down beds or stand up beds. Before going in to tan, the salon specialist will usually ask the person what type of skin they have, when was the last time they tanned, and whether or not they burn easily. This information will help them determine which bed the person should start off with. Those who think starting with the strongest bed for the maximum time will help them become tan right away are wrong. What will happen when they do that is they will burn from the sudden overexposure and as a result that will increase their chances of being diagnosed with skin cancer later in life.

Indoor Tanning Lotion Bronzers and Tanning Tingler Lotion

Tanning salons are aimed at supplying a fun, bright and upbeat environment. Music is usually heard throughout the salon as tanners prepare themselves to get into the beds. Before being exposed to the rays omitted from the beds, tanners must have a few things with them. In order for the UV rays to be absorbed at their fullest and most effective degree the tanner must have some sort of tanning lotion. Lotions come in different varieties and each can serve a different purpose. Some lotions are filled with different indoor tanning lotion bronzers and tanning tingler lotion that will give the tanner an immediate glow to their skin. These bronzers do wash off in the shower. Other lotions have ingredients in them which are targeted to firm the skin. Some lotions are referred to as “tingle” lotions because once UV rays hit the body it will give you a tingling, almost burning sensation. Many tanners love this feeling and others absolutely despise it. The lotion which has bronzers in it should be applied right before tanning and after getting undressed since there is a chance it can stain clothing.

Indoor Tanning Eye Protection

When tanning it is highly recommended to wear eye protection in order to prevent the UV rays from damaging the eyes. Since the rays are at such a close range, exposure to them over a time period can negatively impact the eyes and vision. There are special tanning goggles which can be bought directly from the tanning salon. If someone forgot their tanning goggles at home or does not want to purchase some there are also disposable cone shaped stickers which can be worn instead.

Girls who have fake nails need to take note that tanning can discolor the artificial nails and give them a yellow tint, especially if the girl has white tips. There are rubber tips sold for the finger tips which keep the rays from reaching the nails. Also, beauty salons do sell a top coat of polish which is intended to block the UV rays from yellowing the nails.

Great Results if Done Correctly

Indoor tanning is a method used by many individuals and can produce great results if done correctly. Always keep in mind to bring lotion and eye protectors to the tanning salon. Gently exfoliating the skin once a week in the shower will help to produce an even tan. The most important thing to remember during the indoor tanning process is to moisturize afterwards in order to have healthy and hydrated skin!