About a Sunless Tan

About a Sunless Tan

About a Sunless Tan

Sunless tanning, also known as indoor tanning, is really popular these days. The major reason behind the popularity of sunless tanning is that there are numerous people who live in geographic locations where constant sunlight is not available and most can not afford a getaway every month to heighten their tans.

Sunless tanning can be achieved by specialized tanning lotions, tanning sprays, tanning beds, and tanning pills. The results from these methods varies from one another. There are four major sunless tanning approaches.

A tan can be achieved by using a sunless tanning cream. The majority of the sunless tanning creams come with the bronzing active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Using sunless tanning creams is a well suited as approach for sunless tanning.

Spray tanning is similar to tanning cream, the only difference is that it is achieved by a spray product. Spray tanning can be done at home by using a spray product. A recent development in spray tanning is the colorless tanning option. The option does not have bronzer and results in a less streaky, more even tan.

Tanning beds, also called sunbeds, showcase fluorescent tubes to tan the users skin by exposing skin to UV (Ultraviolet) Rays. Tanning beds are very popular and are an efficient sunless tanning approach, but hazards of continuous use of this technique can be skin cancer and skin aging.

Tanning supplements generally can be found in three varieties, tablets which include caretenoid pigments, pills which contain tyrosine, and supplements without any active components. Tanning supplements which contain caretenoid pigments when ingested fills the fat layers right below the skin, which results in the modification in skin color.

The cost of sunless tanning methods varies from a few bucks to a $100 or even more for one or more sessions in a tanning salon. Be careful, use moderation and remember that tanning can be extremely harmful if abused.

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