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This website is an online store which sells tanning lotions and products. In addition we provide additional information about indoor and outdoor tanning, and other important tanning information.

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Discover all you need to know about the best tanning lotions and great information about tanning salons. We have articles about safety while indoor tanning, explanations about tanning terms such as SPF, the latest Government regulations, how to protect your skin from the sun, protecting your children and your family from the effects of ultraviolet rays and preventing the aging effects that tanning causes. There is also lots of information and tips about Indoor and outdoor tanning and lotions and we provide a lot of interesting videos. And if you need an indoor tanning lotion, sunblock or sunscreen or moisturizers, check out our products.

So let’s start with the fun stuff. You’re getting ready for a hot and sexy summer,you’re so ready for the beach scene,you have your checklist,you shopped for a new bikini,wild and sensual,you’ve been going to the gym and have that toned body. What more do you need? The only thing missing is the tan. But it doesn’t have to be! Just imagine walking onto the beach, day one with that sizzling bronze tan already in place, no worries about sunburn this year. You have gotten a head start at your favorite tan salon and have used Snooki sun lotion, or maybe JWOWW tanning lotion, both are smooth silky and bronze. They moisturize your skin while giving your skin that natural bronze tone that typically only comes from a vacation in the islands, or on that Caribbean cruise.

Tanning lotions add moisture to the skin.Tanning, whether indoor or out, dehydrates the skin and additional moisture is required to keep your skin healthy. Hempseed oil is common is these lotions although other oils that are used. tea oil is also found in these lotions as well as copper. Lotions also generally include Melanine and L-Tyrosine which causes darkening of the skin. Indoor tanning lotions do not include any ingredients that cause any damage to acrylic surfaces since good tanning beds always use 100 % acrylic in their protective shields.

Snooki Indoor Tanning Lotions are currently really hot. It keeps working on your skin even after the tanning session has ended, so does JWOWW. Wow, sizzling hot, but cool on your skin! They both accelerate the tanning process, by promoting the production of melanin, and they increase the blood flow to the skin, bringing the increased amount of Melanin to the top layers of your skin which speeds the darkening. Pauly D also has some great indoor tanning lotions. And don’t forget about the Supre and Millennium brands of indoor tanning lotions.

Indoor tanning lotions are designed to be used with the ultraviolet source of the tanning bed to achieve the benefits of the lotion. They contain no sunscreen protection so please do not use as a sun lotion on the beach, they do not include any SPF, Sun Protection Factor! If you want that sexy look and feel before you go to the beach please check out the various indoor tanning products that we feature on this site. If however you want to be your sexy self, but do not want to use the modern benefits of the tanning beds and just want to resort to the good old fashion way of tanning, the Sun, use sunblock. For the few (or many ) of you that do not want (or like) the look of a golden bronze or deep dark tan, we feature sunscreen and sunblock (I don’t want melanoma) products. But whatever your needs are, there is a product for you, whenever you are in the bright sun like at the beach (and in your new bikini)!



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